Asbestos training – do you get it?

Asbestos training

If you do work that might disturb asbestos materials, you are legally required to have the right information, instruction and training. There are three levels of asbestos training available through commercial training providers:

 Asbestos awareness training

This explains why asbestos materials are dangerous, where they can be found and how to avoid disturbing them. It does not explain how to do work which may disturb asbestos materials safely.

 Training for asbestos work that does not require a licensed contractor

This explains how to safely do simple tasks that may disturb asbestos materials, such as those in the How-to Guides detailed in this web app. It does not cover higher risk work with asbestos materials, which must only be done by a licensed asbestos contractor.

 Training to carry out licensed asbestos work

Work with higher risk asbestos materials and longer tasks that are beyond the scope of the How-to Guides must only be done by licensed asbestos contractors. This type of work is identified in this web app. This training is very detailed and is needed by workers employed by licensed asbestos contractors.

 For more information about asbestos training or any other Health and Safety Courses contact us here at MSP or visit the HSE website. You can also click through to our online asbestos awareness training.