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£14 000 fine after construction worker loses leg due to sling failure

Builders fined £900k for fatal wall collapse

Community Service Order granted after wall collapsed onto home owner

Contractor fined £8k for lousy washrooms

Contractor fined £20k for silica dust exposure

Contractor fined £35k after power cable strike

Firm fined after worker killed by overhead power line

Firm fined after worker struck by falling beam

GLA fined after wall falls on man in front of family

Huge fines for construction company and director for unsafe asbestos removal

Jail sentence for old-school roofer who ignored Prohibition Notice

Principal Contractor fined after joiner hit in face by falling steel beam

Property firm and director fined £80,000+ over death of inexperienced tree feller

Scaffolding accidents up by more than a quarter

Two firms fined after demolition worker receives electrical burns

Unsafe gas work results in £280k fine

Untrained concrete pump operator killed trying to clear blockage

£10,000 fine following teenager fall through unprotected stairway

£400 000 fine after window cleaner broke back in suspended access platform fall

£500,000 fine after worker punctures lung after falling 4m from ladder

Big fines follow roofer’s agonising 10-metre fall

Construction company fined after two workers injured in fall from height

Construction firms fined £350,000 after director blown off roof during storm

Contractor fined £30k after roof fall

Contractor prosecuted for work at height and silica failings

Electrical contractor in court for uncovered floor hatches

Fine after 12-year-old fell from ladder at unsecured site

Ladder safety – £34k fine after worker fell from ladder

Construction company fined after failing to implement its own Risk Assessment

Builder fined for lack of safety measures

Huge fines for contractors after fatal platform failure

Scaffold collapsed onto school playground

Lift fatality lands scaffold firm with £60k fine

Fines and community service after fall from unsafe scaffold tower

Ladder safety – £34k fine after worker fell from ladder

Plasterer injured in fall on site before even starting due to lack of edge protection

Roof fall leads to £1.9m fine

Roofing Fine – Worker hit the floor after air bags ‘removed’

Scaffolder’s signature forged on safety briefing register before 12 m plunge

Suspended jail sentence after timber fell ten metres onto 3-year-old

Two contractors fined after worker dies in roof fall

Unprotected stairwell – ‘Simple measures’ could have prevented worker’s fall

Window firm fined £850k after installer’s ladder fall

Builder’s failure exposed family to poisoning risk

Protostar fined £14k for unauthorised asbestos removal

Roofer in the dock after nephew’s death.

Brighouse company fined after worker struck by falling object Construction worker killed in stairwell fall

Dorset based scaffolding company sentenced after serious injury to worker

Property Managing Agents

Managing Agent fined £1.3m after pedestrian fatally hit by tank cover

Property company and director fined £80,000 following worker’s fatal fall from a tree

Window cleaning company fined after fall from height

£25k fine after fatal crush at apartment block

Company fined £30,000 after child killed by falling gate

Council found guilty after child sustains head injury from defective bollard fall

Illegal gas work leads to imprisonment

Care home fined after resident swallowed chlorine tablets

Football club fined £1,000 after fatal roof fall

Care home fined after resident swallowed chlorine tablets

Social housing provider exposed workers to vibration

75% of GRP fire door manufacturers fail tests

Care home fined after resident dies from fall down stairs

Council fined after wall collapses onto child

Social housing provider exposed workers to vibration

Five-year-old girl dies after being trapped in lift

Legionnaires case that put leisure centre users at significant risk – Council pays £27,000

Hundreds caught waterborne infection in dirty pool


Community service and fine for ride inspector who allowed unsafe rollercoaster to operate

Contractor failed to identify ‘foreseeable’ risk of entrapment on rollercoaster

M & D’s Theme Park fined for poor maintenance that led to ‘catastrophic failure’

B&Q fined £300k over shopper’s metal pole strike

Part-time worker paralysed – Wilko fined £2.2m

Topshop fined £450k after girl’s skull fractured

WHSmith fined after customer fell through open basement hatch

Breaches to health and safety legislation at three Poundstretcher stores in Newbury

Engineering / Manufacturing

Family firm’s director admits guilt over agency worker’s factory scalping

Fine after a worker suffered a back injury after manually moving gantry steps

Firm fined £30k after worker’s legs crushed

Huge fine after worker scalped due to inadequate guarding

Joinery fined after two workers’ fingers suffer finger amputations

Machine blade cut through worker’s knuckle

Near Miss – weights fall from height

Recycling Company fined after worker crushed to death

Safety breach – £1.4m fine after worker suffers serious crush injuries

Self-employed worker killed after fall

Steelwork firm fined £22, 000 after botched lift

Stonemasons fined after worker developed silicosis S

Suez worker injured while moving steps weighing nearly a tonne

Unguarded machine trapped worker’s hand

£13,000 fine after worker crushed clearing baler jam without deactivating power

£30 000 fine – Farm worker injured due to lack of safe systems of work

£400k fine after engineering worker hit and killed by gantry crane

Block maker fined for dangerous machinery

Company fined after worker suffers serious hand injuries

Company fined following crush injury

Fall from height results in £1.8m fine for manufacturing firm

Renault pays £200k for LOLER and PUWER infringements

Apprentice seriously injured by machinery

Worker dies after 6 m skylight fall

British Precast issues warning after crush death

Furnace re-liner ignored vibration and silicosis risks

Heightened cancer risk from welding fume exposure prompts HSE to tighten controls

Textile company fined after worker suffers crush injury

Manufacturing company fined €500k after fatal accident at quarry

Poultry company fined £274k over workers’ severed fingers

Two companies fined following death of worker

CNC Lathe fine

Vehicles and Transport

Theme park operator fined over worker’s severed fingers

FP McCann fined £150,000 after worker died in quarry

National Grid fined £334 000 following worker’s death

Pallet manufacturer fined over forklift strike

Rail worker in danger as collision narrowly avoided

Renault safety breach – Workers exposed to dangerous equipment

Risk assessment missed forklift danger

Telehandler strike costs potato firm £50k

Utility management company’s £400k fine for farm’s powerline electrocution

West Midlands company fined £200,000 after worker killed by forklift truck

£2.7million fine after boy was electrocuted

£30 000 fine for ferry company after failing to prevent fall risk

£30,000 fine following life changing injuries due to unsafe working practice

£180 000 fine following worker killed after being hit by lorry

Company fined £500k over shovel fatality

Fine following ‘Impractical and unsafe’ forklift use

Firm exposed workers to ‘uncontrolled’ HAVS for 10 years

Vehicle repair firm boss jailed after worker fatally crushed by bus

£700k fines follow loader crush death

Balfour Beatty fined £600k for Third Don Crossing fatalityWorker fatally crushed at paper mill leading to fines for two companies

Man arrested after Travelodge digger smash-up

Company fined and Managing Director sentenced after engineer killed

£600k fine after worker killed by dumper truck

Lorry driver struck during walkaround safety check

Travis Perkins fined £2 million after customer died in store car park

Veolia fined £1m after reversing vehicle death

Wilko receives £400,000 penalty for death of forklift driver

Worker killed by reversing Forklift Truck

Chemicals / CoSHH

Huge fine following failures regarding LEV, RPE and suitable training

Two companies fined after floor layer fatally exposed to toxic substance

Longstanding failures’ at refinery that led to fatal explosion costs firms more than £6m

£380k fine after safety breach regarding plutonium processing equipment

Automotive firm fined £1m after explosion injures two workers

Contractor fined after worker overcome by carbon monoxide

Contractor fined over carbon monoxide poisoning

Uncontrolled use of solvent lands aircraft livery firm with £66k fine

Worker loses leg in oil drum explosion


Fine following workers’ exposure to asbestos disturbed in restaurant

Hotelier ignored repeated warnings of potential asbestos contamination during refurb

Sea King maintenance staff were exposed to Asbestos Containing Materials

Shrewsbury NHS trust fined after disturbing asbestos

Fine after ‘careless removal’ of asbestos

Contractor fined for releasing Asbestos Containing Fibres

Developer fined for asbestos ceiling negligence

Furniture maker ignored asbestos warnings for 14 years

Huge fines for serious safety failings with regards to the management of asbestos

NI asbestos surveyor gave go ahead for refurb before receiving sample analysis

Two construction companies have been fined after Sub-Contractors working under their control were exposed to asbestos fibres during school refurbishment work.

Asbestos exposure risk overlooked by lack of survey

Two sentenced after asbestos disturbed



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