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CDM 2015 – Principal Designer

CDM 2015 defines the Principal Designer as the Designer with control over the pre-construction phase of the project. This is the very earliest stage of a project from concept design through to planning the delivery of the construction work.

The Principal Designer is an organisation (or on a smaller project they can be an individual) that has technical knowledge of the construction industry relevant to the project, and the understanding and skills to manage and coordinate the pre-construction phase, including any design work carried out after construction begins.

It is important for the Principal Designer to establish and maintain good relationships with the Client, Principal Contractor and other Designers on the project.

Principal Designer Responsibilities

The Principal Designer role is to control the Pre-construction Phase on projects with more than one contractor. The Principal Designer must have the relevant technical knowledge to carry out and manage the project, plus the training, experience and skills to coordinate the works and liaise with all the Client, Contractors, and any other designers involved.

The Principal Designer’s main duties include:

  • Checking the Client has an understanding of their responsibilities under the CDM Regulations 2015 and where the project is notifiable, check that the Client has completed and submitted an F10 notification.
  • To be aware that if dealing with Domestic Clients, some of their Client duties will be transferred to you.
  • To plan, manage, monitor and coordinate health and safety during the pre construction phase.
  • Preparation of the Pre-construction Information.
  • Competency checking any other designers you appoint, checking they have sufficient skills, knowledge, training, experience and capability to carry out the work.
  • Coordinating health and safety with all designers on the project, ensuring everyone has all the relevant information.
  • Minimising, to the best of your ability, the identified risks within the designs created for the project. Any risks created must be reduced as far as possible, controlled and managed.
  • Assisting the Client to compile the Pre-Construction Information.
  • Liaising with the Principal Contractor/Contractor and any other designers throughout.
  • Preparing, reviewing, updating and revising the Health & Safety File ready for handover on completion of the project.
  • Handover of the file to the Client at the end of the project.

How MSP can help you

Our CDM Consultant offers comprehensive customer focused, individually tailored services and training, cover all aspects of the CDM Regulations 2015, ensuring peace of mind for YOU.

We offer:

  • Construction Safety and related Advisory Service to Clients, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors
  • Assistance with the preparation of Principal Contractors’ Health & Safety Plans
  • Assistance with the preparation of Contractors’ Health & Safety Plans
  • Site Inspections and Safety Audits (pro active monitoring)
  • Advice on contents of the Health & Safety File required at project completion
  • Risk Assessment advice and support
  • Health & Safety Policy preparation
  • Assistance after HSE inspections resulting in Prohibition and Improvement Notices and F.F.I. (Fee for Intervention) investigations.

See our CDM information page for further information. CDM Advice – 2015 Regulations