Managing home workers’ health and safety

The HSE has just expanded it’s guidance and advice on protecting those working at home to remind and emphasise to employers that they have the same health and safety responsibilities for those working at home as any other worker.

The HSE’s home working guidance is for anyone who employs home workers, including those who split their time between their workplace and home (sometimes called hybrid working).

Their guidance has been redesigned and expanded to provide more detail on straightforward actions to manage home workers’ health and safety.

Included is advice on the risks of stress and poor mental health and working with display screen equipment (DSE) as well as advice for home workers themselves

Follow this link to watch a  video and view practical tips on good posture when working with DSE or contact MSP health and safety consultants, for help and guidance.

Our online training courses are available for you and your staff to use here: Display Screen Equipment Awareness and Stress Management.